keelykins (keelykins) wrote,

Justin's Book!

Lord of the Films has arrived!!!!

Justin's book is out!

It can be purchased online at most book sellers. Obviously, most people use Amazon, so here is the direct link to Justin's book:

Lord of the Films by J.W. Braun

Justin's book can also be purchased at places like Barnes and Noble, Walden's Books, or from us! (We have 300 copies! LOL)

If you order from Amazon (or just have an Amazon account and want to be nice!), PLEASE do the following after purchasing the book.

1) Tag the book.

This can be done on the same page the link above takes you to. Below the Product details is a section that says "Tags Customers Associate With This Product" You can click some of the options listed or put in your own tag if you think one is missing. Tags that should be clicked are: lotr, Lord of the Rings, Tolkien, middle-earth, Peter Jackson, and fantasy films.

2) Rate the Book

Click the "own it" button and rate the book. 5 stars please! LOL But of course be honest!

3) Leave a review

If you want, leave a review of the book. In fact, unless your last name is Braun, please review the book! = P

4) Rate the previous reviews

Under each review you can click whether that review was helpful in your decision to purchase the book. Obviously we want smart, good reviews to be counted as the reviews that were helpful! You can click no to mean reviews! = P

If you purchase the book from us, Justin will sign it. If you purchase it online, Justin will sign it but you have to wait until we see you to get the book signed!

Please be sure to let anyone you think may be interested in the book know it is out and where to find it!!!!!!!

Also, if you are feeling generous, or your name is Nelli, Matty or Marian, would you please post this information in your journal? The more people who see it the better! Thank you!!!!

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